Gathering Roos Against Trafficking to Inform & Support

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He has sent me to proclaim LIBERTY to the captives...

Luke 4:18


Kansas City is a known hotspot for human trafficking. Its central location and highway crossroads make it an ideal place for traffickers to lure and transport victims. Thousands of people e are trafficked in Kansas City each year – many of them children. That’s too many – ONE is too many.

Jesus came to proclaim liberty to the captives. Victims of human trafficking are modern-day slaves, captured and sold primarily for sex. They desperately need hope –hope for a life beyond trafficking and hope for an eternal life with God.

G.R.A.T.I.S. – Gathering Roos Against Trafficking to Inform and Support –  exists to raise awareness about trafficking and how to spot it, connect students to opportunities to volunteer with local anti-trafficking organizations, and raise funds to aid the fight against trafficking. G.R.A.T.I.S. meets weekly to learn, discuss, and plan, and they participate in various fundraising efforts, on-campus activities, and volunteer opportunities throughout the year.

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Marissa Wilson, Student Leader

Mudblood” tricycle race team raises $700+ for survivors of human trafficking

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Restoration House
Rehope Market

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