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Partnership Opportunities


UMKC has over 15,000 students. The more energy and resources we have to spend, the more students we can reach.

Invest in Tomorrow’s World Leaders

The 15,000 students at UMKC will go on to become doctors, lawyers, politicians, mothers, fathers, businessmen, artists, educators, and more. Many of them come from unreached countries and will return home after college.

These 15,000+ UMKC students are some of tomorrow’s world leaders. Right now, while they are in college, they are making the most life-altering decisions they will ever make:

  • What they believe
  • Who they are
  • Who they will love
  • What role in the world they will play

What if you could invest in tomorrow? What if you could build a legacy that would shape the church – and our world –  for the next generation? What if you could help students make those key life decisions through the lens of the gospel? What if you could partner with Impact to see that students who don’t know Jesus meet Him?

We believe God desires to move in the realm of college ministry, not just at UMKC but across campuses in the entire Metro KC area. And we want YOU to be a part of it.

Our ministry receives partial funding through the Missouri Baptist Convention and the Blue River-Kansas City Baptist Association. The rest of our funds for salaries and additional expenses are raised through the partnership of local churches, individuals, and families. You could be one of those churches, individuals, or families.

Some of the financial needs we are praying toward right now are:

  • Funds for intern stipends
  • Funds for additional staff member(s)
  • Down payment money for the purchase of a campus ministry house right by campus

Click the button below to go to our Give page.

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Maybe you can’t give or personally serve…but you can pray! We would love to have you join us in praying for UMKC, for the students we minister to, and for us as we minister.

Contact us to become a prayer partner. We can add you to our email list to receive updates and even send you urgent prayer requests via text.

College students don’t just need college students in their lives. They need men and women (and children!) from all stages, ages, and walks of life.

Maybe you’d like to cook food for a dorm dinner. Maybe you’d like to be involved with a discipleship group. Maybe you’d like to advise our Refugee group or the anti-trafficking group. Or maybe you’d like to adopt a student, having them in your home for a meal weekly and assisting with transportation.

Whatever God is laying on your heart, we’d love to talk with you about how you can serve alongside our ministry.

We long to see students involved in the life of local churches. We have purposefully crafted our ministry structure to come alongside church involvement, not replace it.

If your church has an interest in reaching college students at a Kansas City campus near you, we would love to partner with you and equip your church to do this.